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Spirit of Penance, Path to God


Hubert van Zeller

ISBN 0-918477-87-5

Brief Description

Softcover, 144 Pgs.



Extended Description

No one can avoid suffering, physically or spiritually. But suffering can bring you victory over sin and help you to grow in holiness. Let the wisdom of this book show you how. You'll learn how to transform each of life's major difficulties into opportunities to grow closer to God -and to overcome the sin that threatens to overpower your life. You'll find out why every good Christian should also perform small acts of penance throughout the day. And you'll discover how to choose the best penance for yourself -- while avoiding the spiritual pitfalls associated with this time-honored practice. Soon, the energizing discipline of penance will add vitality and maturity to your following of Jesus, bringing you to new levels of serenity and peace.


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