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Devil and How to Resist Him, The


Gerald Vann

ISBN 0-918477-61-1

Brief Description

Softcover, 174 Pgs.



Extended Description

How to defeat the Devi! (before he defeats you) ******** Satan is a very real person bent on your damnation. Are you prepared to resist his attacks? While most people aren't possessed ,or even harassed by Old Scratch the way some saints have been, the Devil does try to gain power over everyone's soul (including yours)! This book explores the one time that he revealed himself long enough to let you study his usual plan of attack, and gives you sure ways to counter it. You need this information now if you're going to fend off the Devil's next attack. Until you have it, you're vulnerable . . . especially to the dangerously subtle methods he uses against people like you, who know the Devil exists and are already on guard. The wisdom here will quickly strengthen you in your struggles against evil in all its forms.


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